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SEMBA History

In 2007, a group of butterfly enthusiasts decided to set a time each month to share plants, caterpillars, information, and friendship.

     After some initial discussion we decided we'd like to share our knowledge and experience with others. . . and SEMBA was formed!

    The first meeting of SEMBA took place on March 21st, 2007 with 25 members present.  The topic of discussion was centered around the importance of preserving butterfly habitats to ensure that butterflies continue to survive.  As more and more people started to join the group in the first year, the topics ranged from "Getting Kids Involved" to "From Egg to Adult, The Lifecycle of Butterflies."

    During the first year members went to The Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio.  The Detroit Zoo Butterfly House in Royal Oak, Michigan offered the members a behind the scenes look at the Butterfly house and what conservations efforts were being conducted there.  Members also went to Toledo, Ohio to visit the Butterfly House at The Toledo Zoo presented by The Anderson Corporation. Members also participated in the GM Bio-Blitz presented by the General Motors Corporation.

    By the end of 2007 there were 32 SEMBA members.

    In 2008, the members came together to continue to talk about the joys of butterflies thru such topics as "Good Bug, Bad Bug" and "Winter Moths."  SEMBA members enjoyed going on a "Plant Identification Hike" at Nankin Mills, lead by Carol Clements, Nankin Mills Naturalist, as well as visiting the Butterfly Display at Fredrick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More members joined during 2008 bringing the number of members up to 54.

    2009 brought movies into the meetings with such movies as "In The Company of Wild Butterflies," and "Butterfly Life: The History of Swallowtails."  Topics ranged from "Black Gold, Red Worm Compost," "Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants," and "Question and Answer" sessions.  Members participated in Taylor Butterfly Day at Heritage Park, Taylor, Michigan as well as SEMBA Family Day at Nankin Mills.  SEMBA members helped to introduce Butterfly Gardening efforts to several communities. SEMBA members made a return trip to The Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio.  Through promotion of the club the number of members went up to 64 by the end of 2009.

    In 2010, SEMBA members enjoyed such topics as "What Butterfly Is That?," "How to Raise and House Butterflies," and "Container Gardening."  Movies that entertained the members were "Backyard Butterflies," and Flying With Monarchs."  "SEMBA Family Day was once again hosted at Nankin Mills. Special guest lecturers included Tim Nowicki and Chad ?????.  SEMBA members went to Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan to visit their seasonal Butterfly display. SEMBA also participated in Earth Day at The Detroit Zoo with items for the kids to color along with information on Butterflies. There was now 78 members in the club.

    In 2011, the meetings were on the topics of "Making Butterfly Accessories for your Back Yard," "Garden Design," "Michigan Butterfly Lifecycles," and "Overwintering Butterflies."  "The Secret Life of Butterflies" was the movie to watch. SEMBA participated in "Growing Great Gardens" hosted by the Taylor Garden Club at the Downriver Campus of Wayne County Community College as well as a return to Earth Day at the Detroit Zoo. SEMBA also participated in Taylor Butterfly Days at Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan.  Guest speakers during the year included Jed Bromfield, and SEMBA's Caryle Spence. By the end of the year there were 102 members.

    2012 will bring the 5th Anniversary of SEMBA and many more fun and exciting activities and informative meeting for SEMBA members to enjoy.

SEMBA Members celebrating their 5th Anniversary on March21, 2012.
Pictured: Doris Applebaum, Kathy Bey, Robert Cairns, Carol Clements, Brenda Dziedzic, Jane Geisler, Lois Hansen, Marion Harris, Paul Kemp, Diana McCormick, Rachelle Melczek, Tracy Milligan, Cindy Oleszkowicz, Sue Orzel, Rabecca Paulson, Carolyn, Sohoza, Edward Sohoza, Caryle Spence, Margaret Tringali, Emma Tringali, Teri Upholzer, Doreen Walkuski, Rick Williams.